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Fundraising Opportunity

Want to raise money for your sports team or charity?

Fun Card

To help with fund raising events, Roosters offers organizations our 10% off Fun Cards. Each card can be sold at a $10 profit for your organization. The reusable Fun Cards are good for 10% off all dine in food purchases through the end of this year. Complete the form below to submit your Fun Card Request.

*Please allow 10 business days for us to process your request.

Fun Card Request Form

Due to tax regulations, Roosters Fun Cards can only be donated to non-profit organizations for fund raising purposes, and not to individuals.
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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for thinking of Roosters for your Fundraising needs! Roosters is dedicated to helping local sports teams, schools, churches, band members, and other organizations with their fund raising. To help with your fund raising event, Roosters would like to offer your organization our 10% off Roosters Fun Cards.

These cards are valid through the end of the year and will offer the card bearer 10% off all dine-in food purchases at any Roosters restaurant. These cards are not valid for discounts on carryout food sales or the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Roosters Fun Cards are for fund raising of non-profit organizations only. Each card must be sold for no more than $10. You may, however, reduce the selling price of the card as the end of the year approaches. 100% of all money made from Roosters Fun Card sales will go directly to the organization you have listed below.

Roosters Fun Cards may be sold on a face-to-face basis, such as friends, family members, or in an office setting, such as a parent’s place of work. You may also sell these on social media outlets as you would to communicate with friends, family and your followers, but not on commercial selling sites such as eBay, Facebook Market Place, etc. Fun Cards can be sold at concession stands or events that are benefitting your organization or non-profit organization. Our goal is to keep the Roosters Fun Card Program as a grassroots fundraising opportunity for individuals to raise money for organizations that are important to them through their personal networks. Roosters Fun Cards are provided free of charge to non-profit organizations for their private fund raising use only.

Seller must agree not to sell Roosters Fun Cards to patrons inside a Roosters restaurant or within ½ mile radius of a Roosters location.

Thank you and good luck!


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