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28 Franchised Units (Franchising since 2006)
15 Corporate Units (Operating since 1988)

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Great guests, great team members, great music, great atmosphere, along with tables that can be pushed together, TV’s everywhere, plenty of warm food, a gleaming redwood bar that stretches forever, and the foundation is set... But, believe us when we say that there is so much more to it than that before it can become a Roosters...A Fun, Casual Joint!!!

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Expectations + Qualifications

Restaurant Experience

Our number one priority is that your Roosters franchise locations are successful and profitable. In order to achieve this, a successful management and ownership team need to be the foundation that your business is built upon.

You and your team must possess exceptional people skills along with a strong full-service restaurant background.

Franchise candidates who do not have the above experience must demonstrate the ability to assemble a quality team with that restaurant experience. You and your team must also be able to develop and manage a multi-unit operation.

*Qualified, full-service restaurant experience is our most stringent requirement.  Your success depends on that experience!!!  We will not compromise your success by allowing you, a franchise partner, to field an inadequate management and/or operations team.

Territory Development

Franchise candidates must have the ability to develop a minimum of three locations in their agreed upon area or territory.

Your team would also be responsible for opening those locations in a defined period. That period or development schedule would be mutually agreed upon.

Financial Qualifications

Owner or ownership group must have liquid assets of $5,000,000.00, or more.

Site Requirements

Roosters has become very successful over the last 30 years by buying or leasing second generation restaurants for the simple fact that remodeling a former restaurant costs on average 30% less than building a restaurant from the ground up. Although we do have new builds, we would encourage remodeling existing restaurants.

Rule of thumb on choosing a Building: 

  • Building size of 5,800 to 8,500 square feet
  • Outdoor patio, or the ability to add a patio
  • A minimum of 100 parking spaces, and ideally a shared or cross parking situation would be available as well

In closing, there is a reason we do not advertise our franchise program in magazines, or participate in franchise expos and trade shows. Taking your money is not our number one goal. Our main priority is the partnership we hope to build with you. The first step to building that partnership is honesty, trust and making sure we keep any promises we make to our franchise partners. Our success is predicated on your success!

If all of the above requirements and qualifications can be met, and further information about available territories is requested, please feel free to contact us:

Roosters Franchising Company LLC
6140 Dublin Road
Dublin, OH 43017


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